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Building Diagnostics

HICAPS, Inc. performs building diagnostics on all aspects of building envelopes to assist property owners and mangers in evaluating building conditions. Our seasoned team of professionals has extensive construction experience, and they are experts in all facets of facility construction.

Sometimes construction or design deficiencies can lead to building component or system breakdowns or even failure.  In many cases, these conditions are not apparent upon visual inspection alone.  Yet, building component failure can cause damage to the building and shorten its overall life span and increase operating costs.  In addition, a loss of building efficiency and structural damage can create hazardous conditions and unhealthy environments.  

Even in the most challenging circumstances, HICAPS’ building diagnostic experts can determine the best course of action to protect the health of employees or other inhabitants as well as preserve equipment and claddings of the building. Our detailed building assessment analysis and action plans provide owners and managers with cost effective and complete remediation solutions.

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hfact HICAPS, Inc. founded a collaboration of architects and engineers to provide full service facility assessments when the task requires an expanded team.  HICAPS Facility Assessment Collaborative Team (H/FACT) brings each team member to the Project without tiered consultant arrangements and resulting markups. Visit

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